Florida Residents and Visitors: What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

As a Broward County personal Injury attorney I have dealt with various types of slip and fall cases in the South Florida Area. Many people that live and travel to South Florida have slip and fall incidents at resorts, malls, stores, etc. Dealing with the aftermath of a slip and fall is not much different than that of a car accident. However, there are certain differences that should be noted. Car accidents require certain formalities. For example, most people understand that after an accident you should stop and document the incident by making a police report, taking pictures, and talking to witnesses. In many slip and fall cases victims do not take the same precautions.

After a slip and fall it is easy to forget to document the accident. A Slip and fall victim may be in so much pain that documenting the situation becomes a nullity. However, in that situation maybe a friend or loved one can take over. The most important things for a victim or victim’s friend/ loved one to do after a slip and fall accident are following:

1. Speak to manger or supervisor at location and have them make a record of the accident. Make sure to get a copy of this incident report.

2. Make sure to take pictures of surrounding area with cell phone or any camera that may be at hand. If you have a cell phone with video capacity it would also be wise to make a recording. This is very important as the conditions of surface may change shortly after the accident and will not be replicated. For example, a puddle of water will be cleaned and dried or a broken tile may be replaced.

3. Make mental notes of any comments employees or supervisors make as to what caused the accident. For example, if they mention that this happened before or that they were aware of the conditions that caused the accident. Make sure to write down or record the names of the employees or manager that made this comments.

4. Take down the names, phones, and addresses of any witnesses who may have seen the fall or the aftermath of the fall. If possible take notes as to what they saw. For example, how the fall occurred, lighting and surface conditions, and any other information that may be relevant.

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