Florida Needs To Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

It’s not a matter of politics. It’s not a matter of taking sides or making arguments or counter arguments. As a South Florida personal injury attorney I sustain that it is imperative that the great State of Florida allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

Much of the progress of our great nation has been built on the principles of pragmatism. Under pragmatic principles one does not look to ideals, political parties, or philosophies. Pragmatism looks only to positive and constructive results. The government of the state of Florida should take this philosophy to heart.

So how does pragmatism relate to giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants? For this we need a hypothetical. Imagine a young woman driving to work early in the morning. She is driving calmly while listening to the radio and then out of nowhere she finds herself involved in a car accident impacting the driver side of her vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle is an undocumented immigrant who has no insurance. The young woman is badly hurt and is taken to the hospital. Doctors at the hospital ascertain that the young woman has a few broken bones. The cost of her hospital stay and treatment is around $50,000. The young lady has no UM insurance. Her PIP coverage only paid out $10,000 and she is on the hook for the other $40,000. She needs to borrow money and negotiate this debt in order to avoid declaring bankruptcy.

Now, what if the illegal immigrant who crashed into the young woman had insurance? Under those circumstance it may have been possible for our young woman to recover money for her injuries and her medical costs. A pragmatic approach to this problem would then dictate that Florida give licenses to undocumented immigrants. Again, it is results that should dictate the actions of the government. When idealistic and party affiliations come into play, then one gets results like a young lady declaring bankruptcy.

As a South Florida car accident attorney I have seen the scenario mentioned above countless times. It truly saddens me as it leaves many injured clients with little recourse. Whatever benefit is gained by denying driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants is outweighed by the danger. In fact, denying driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants provides very little benefits to the state. It’s better to regulate the situation instead of having tons of undocumented uninsured motorists on the road. Furthermore, giving licenses to undocumented immigrants would create more revenue for the state and more premiums for insurance companies. This would mean more jobs for Floridians.

If you care about your safety and the safety of those around urge the State of Florida to provide licenses to undocumented immigrants.