Will My Premium Go Up if I Make a Claim for a Car Accident in Florida?

Many clients ask me if their insurance premium will rise if they make a claim for an accident in the State of Florida. Being a South Florida car accident attorney I have lost count of how many times I have heard this question. My answer to this question is that most likely your premium will not rise if you were the innocent party. That means that your premium will most likely not change if you were not given a ticket for a moving violation which caused the accident.

However, the real answer to this question is that whether your premium rises becomes irrelevant as to the making of a claim. This is because if your premium rises is independent of whether a claim is filed. In fact, placing a claim should have no effect on your insurance whatsoever because when you make a claim it is generally made against another person’s insurance policy.

Of course, many morally and preoccupied clients then ask what effect will this have on the other person’s insurance policy. My answer to this is that in most cases the question becomes irrelevant. If a person causes an accident their premium will most likely go up regardless of claim being filed. Their premium was meant to go up the moment they caused the accident.

Please take into account that each insurance company behaves differently. However, as mentioned before making a claim against another person’s insurance company should have little or no effect on your car insurance premium.

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