What Does $10,000 in Insurance Benefits After A Car Accident Mean in Miami or South Florida?

Listen to the radio for a few minutes in South Florida and you will come across an advertisement that relays the following:

“If you have been in accident in South Florida you may be entitled up to $10,000 in benefits.”

The initial impression here is that you are entitled to money if you were involved in an accident. As a South Florida car accident attorney many clients from Miami, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton call to ask me about this. In order to understand what this means it is important to understand a few basic things about car insurance. Below are different types of coverage you could get for a vehicle in Florida:

PIP– Personal Injury Protection.
PDL– Property Damage Liability Protection.
UM– Uninsured Motorist Protection.
BI– Bodily Injury Protection.
GAP– Covers the difference between the current value of your car at the time of the accident and when you bought it.

If you drive with a Florida License plate or have a vehicle in the State for more than 90, then by law you are required to have PIP and PD coverage. When you hear in a commercial about $10,000 in benefits they are referring to PIP coverage. The State requires that you carry $10,000 in benefits to pay for your own medical needs as a result of an accident. Therefore, the benefits all these advertisements are talking about are for medical treatment. PIP also covers up to 60% of lost wages due to an accident. The combination of medical treatment and lost wages will be limited to this $10,000 coverage. The other obligatory coverage is PDL or property damage liability protection. PDL covers the damage to the other vehicle if you are at fault.

The conclusion here is that the only benefits you are entitled to here is medical treatment and lost wages up to $10,000. This is all to say that some of these advertisements can be misleading and lead to false expectations. If you are involved in an accident in Florida most of your compensation for bodily harm will most likely come from the other driver’s BI (bodily injury coverage) or your own UM coverage.

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