Some Advice on Getting Ready for the 2011 Hurricane Season

An above average hurricane season is expected for the Atlantic Basin in 2011 according to the National Weather Service.

Most Floridians know that hurricane season starts June 1 and with that comes concern and hope that no storms head our way. The National Weather Service is predicting about 12-18 named storms. Of these named storms 3-6 are expected to be a category 3 or above. Anyone who lived through a hurricanes knows that these are serious events and should not be taken lightly.

As a South Florida/Miami hurricane attorney I am well aware of the aftermath of these storms. Below are some steps you can take in order to be prepared for a hurricane;

1. Build a Kit/ “To go Bag.” This should include non-perishable food, water, a portable radio, flashlights and batteries. You should also have a first aid kit handy.

2. Make a Plan. You and your family should address evacuation plans, family communications, utility shut off and safety, and safety skills. The same steps should be taken as it pertains to a business.

3. Plan to protect your property. Be sure to have the right type of homeowner’s and flood insurance in order to protect your home, business, or investment property. In this regard it would be wise to consult with your insurance agent. You should take further steps to physically protect your property such as installing shutters to protect from high winds, bring furniture in, and keep trees trimmed so they are better able to resist wind.

For more information on the above steps please refer to the Ready America website.

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