Importance of Retaining an Attorney for an EUO for a Homeowner’s Policy in Florida

A sever thunderstorm causes damage to your home, wind knocked shingles off your roof and heavy rain has caused a leak and flooding. Your roof is damaged, your home is flooded, repairs are costly, so what do you do? You make a claim for damages with your homeowner insurer. The insurance company then requests that you appear at an Examination Under Oath (EUO) before they will process your claim. As a Broward homeowner’s insurance claim attorney I have seen this scenario many times.

What is an EUO? An Examination Under Oath (EUO) is a proceeding where your insurance company requests that you appear to answer questions under oath. An EOU is a post loss requirement incorporated into homeowner’s insurance policies. The purpose of an EUO is for your insurer to gain more information about your claim. Pursuant to your contract, your insurance company has the right to request an EUO and if you want to receive money for your claim then you must attend. At an EUO the insurance company’s attorney will ask you a series of questions and a court reporter will transcribe the proceeding. Prior to questioning you will be required to take an oath where you swear to tell the truth
This sounds a bit overwhelming. Along in a room with the insurance company’s attorney asking you questions and a court reporter recording your answers. You wonder what kind of questions they will ask, and you worry about saying the “wrong thing”. This can be a nerve racking experience. To avoid this fear and uncertainty, it is imperative that you retain an attorney to prepare and accompany you to the EUO. The insurance company has an attorney on their side, shouldn’t you? Your attorney will prepare you before the hearing. They will go over the questions that you will be asked. They will make sure your rights are protected and the insurance company’s attorney will not intimate you or ask any improper questions.

As a Miami property insurance lawyer, I cannot stress the importance of retaining an attorney to prepare you and accompany you to an EUO. If you have made a claim for damages with your homeowner’s insurance carrier and they have requested that you appear for an EUO be sure to contact an attorney.

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