Getting Treated For Injuries Sustained in an Accident in South Florida

There are about 200,000 car, motorcycle, truck, and bus collisions in Florida . About 111,000 of these collisions cause injuries to Florida Residents. The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles reports that some 63,000 of these injuries are not incapacitating and that about 23,000 incapacitate Florida residents.

Different injuries require different sorts of treatment. As a Miami car accident attorney many clients ask me who or where they should treat for their injuries. Anybody who listens to radio or watches TV in South Florida is saturated with commercials for pain treatment clinics and also for chiropractic centers. In most instances people seek treatment before they hire an attorney. This is the right approach as treating your injuries is paramount. Early treatment can help avoid long term problems. Many clinics and chiropractic centers quickly take x-rays and MRI’s in order to ascertain what injuries may be present. This helps to identify injuries and also to document them for future purposes. It is important to document injuries if you are seeking to make a claim against the party causing the collision and for your injuries.

Yet the question remains of how to choose a treatment facility in Miami-Dade County. A South Florida accident attorney may help you in this case. Personal injuries attorneys work with many different facilities and may have a good idea of what facility may be a good fit for your needs. So it is always wise to consult with an attorney. Referral services can also be a great guide. Perhaps, the best way to go about it is to ask your primary care physician or even ask friends or relatives.

Before you choose a facility you must consider certain factors:

1) Is the facility the type that is adequate for your type of injury. For this you may want to consult with a doctor and also ask the facility how familiar it is with your type of injuries.

2) Is the facility in a convenient location for you. Some injuries require repeated and constant rehabilitation treatment. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to treat if the facility is not close to your home or work. Still, this is a bit of balancing test. One has to weigh the quality of the facility versus the inconvenience of having to drive long distances to get treated.

3) How you feel about the facility. It is important that you like and feel comfortable at the facility. Finding a facility in which you feel comfortable will make the healing process easier. If possible it is always good to check out a facility before you commit to treating there.

4) If you had surgery, ask your surgeon which facility he recommends. Most orthopedic surgeons have certain rehabilitation centers they work with. Orthopedic surgeons may know which facility works better with certain types of injuries.

Again, it is important to treat and document your injuries after an accident in Miami or the South Florida area. At the scene of an accident it is important to let emergency services tend to you if they are called. In many cases victims of an accident seem to feel fine, but have severe injuries. In fact, in some circumstances it takes victims of an accident several days to realize they are injured.

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