Things to Do After Suffering a Loss to Your Home or Property in Miami-Dade

There are many types of losses that can occur to a home or a business in South Florida. As Miami-Dade homeowner’s insurance claims attorneys we have seen many of these. Some of the most typical kinds of claims involve wind damage, plumbing leaks, floods, sinkholes, and theft.

In any sort of loss you should take all steps possible to mitigate the damage. Most, if not all, insurance policies require one to mitigate damage. This means that you should take all steps possible in order to prevent the damage from getting worse. For example, if there is a plumbing leak than you should shut off the water, contact a plumber, and dry any areas that are wet. If we are dealing with a roof leak than you should do everything possible to stop the leak (like putting a tarp on roof) and drying any affected area.

After the damage is mitigated it is important to contact your insurance company and report the loss. Most insurance companies require that you report the loss within a reasonable time. To avoid making this into an issue it is imperative that you call your insurance company soon after the loss. If you feel uncomfortable speaking with your insurance company then contact an attorney immediately who can assist you with this. The insurance company will then most likely send someone out the property to take pictures, make an estimate, and perhaps take a recorded statement. At this time it would be wise to have an attorney present. Insurance companies can be particularly coy when it comes to dealing with recorded statements. Certain insurance employees may use tactics in order to elicit answers that will not be beneficial toward your claim.

It is also very import to record any and all damages that have occurred to your property as a result of the loss. Take pictures of any areas of the home or business that have been damaged. Also, if you make any repairs be sure to save a copy of your receipts. On that note, it is imperative that you hire licensed professionals to make any repairs as it pertains to the loss. If you do repair the entire loss, then it is important to note that your claim may be limited to that amount.

When dealing with a theft claim it is important to have receipts of purchased items. Being insurance property loss attorneys in Fort Lauderdale we know how important it is to have this evidence. Thus, it is important to have records of any significant items you may buy. For example, jewelry, expensive clothes and shoes, electronics, etc. It should be noted that if you do suffer a theft it is important to report this to the police as soon as possible. It goes without saying that it is imperative to provide an official record of the theft.

Regardless of the type of loss Broward home insurance claim attorneys are here to assist you. We are available 24/7 and can be reached at 305.764.9907 or 1.888.413.8353.