Autonomous or Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Bodily Injury Claims in South Florida

As South Florida car accident attorneys we are concerned with all aspects of the auto industry. We closely watch any and all safety developments by car manufactures and their behavior at the time of impact. We have watched with fascination and awe the development of autonomous and self-driving cars. These are vehicles that are able to drive themselves. This may seem a farfetched possibility, but one would be wrong to assume this is the case. For example, the state of Nevada is planning to adopt rules to specifically deal with driverless cars by 2012.

The advantage of driverless or autonomous cars is that they will be more effective drivers than humans. They will also be a great advantage to those who are unable to drive for one reason or another. Self-driving cars will also reduce traffic significantly. This will be a great relief for those stuck on the 826 at 5:00 P.M or a family evacuating city due to a hurricane warning. It will also be a great benefit to tourists who do not know the area. Also, not to mention how much more productive we all will be able to be. Perhaps, even DUIs may become a thing of the past.

Of course, there are many questions here. How will driverless cars deal with vehicles driven by humans? How will insurance companies react? Will insurance be needed at all? Will autonomous cars be limited to certain roads? Will there be a progressive integration of these vehicles? Will there be significantly less accidents? How will this affect the South Florida economy?

This may all seem like an unlikely scenario, but it’s not wise to bet against companies like GM and GOOGLE. If GM says there will be autonomous cars by on the road by 2020, then this will most likely be the case. After all, there are cars that can parallel park on the road right now. We all have been witness to the breakneck pace of technological development these last two decades. Once cannot deny that these technologies have drastically changed society. I believe self-driving cars will change society in fundamental ways.

Indeed, if there are less accidents many facets of the South Florida economy will be affected. For example, body shops, towing companies, insurance companies, car accident clinics and chiropractors, and Miami car accident attorneys will be affected. Of course, the benefit here greatly outweighs any effect on the economy.

It would be seem we are all destined to become a society of passengers. We may not have to worry about irresponsible drivers and the dangers of the road. Perhaps, the only accidents that will occur are those caused by faults in programming. PIP, collision, and BI coverage may become a thing of the past. This may be our future, but nothing is certain. It is possible that it may take a while for people to give control of the steering wheel over to a program.

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