Texting and Driving and Accidents in South Florida

As Miami-Dade car accident attorneys we understand the dangers of driving in South Florida. Traffic is hectic and drivers can be aggressive, careless, and reckless. Below are some of the major causes of car accidents in South Florida:

1) Distracted driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that some 80 % of car accidents result from distracted driving. Some common distractions include text messaging, eating, putting on makeup, and talking on the cell phone.
2) Speeding. Driving beyond the speed limit may make it more difficult to react in time. There is a reason for the speed limit allocated to a certain road or highway.
3) Drunk Driving. When driving a vehicle it is necessary to be in full control. Intoxication compromises the ability to evaluate and react to situations on the road.
4) Reckless Driving. These are drivers who take unnecessary risks on the road because they are impatient, in a hurry, or just plain careless. It is important to always keep your eyes open for this sort of driver.
5) Rain. Many people drive in the rain like they would on any other occasion. However, the rain may produce slippery conditions on the road. Also, it may limit visibility as it often does in South Florida and on many occasions without warning. If it is raining it is important that you drive extra carefully, watch vehicles around you, and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.
6) Running a red Light and Running a Stop Sign. Running a light or stop side can cause side-impact which can be catastrophic. It is imperative to treat intersections with extreme caution.

Our main concern here is with distracted driving for obvious reasons. No doubt it is the main cause of most vehicular accidents on the road today. It is probably so because it is the tendency of the mind to get distracted by billboards, sights on the road, the radio, and even our own thoughts. Also, driving becomes a second nature sort of activity. This is very true in South Florida where people spend a lot of time commuting. It is almost as if we are on auto pilot. But make no mistake about it, there is no auto pilot.

The nature of the problem is more complicated now with cell phones, texting, ipads, ipods, and other gadgets. People feel like they need to be productive and multitask. They don’t want to waste their time just driving. As South Florida accident attorneys we know that this is the sort of attitude that leads to accidents. It is important to remember that car travel at great velocities and have tremendous mass. The vehicles we drive are not machines to be taken lightly. They are a responsibility each drivers bears and thus it is important to drive keeping that in mind.

One of the big problems in Florida is the amount of serious accidents that are caused by texting and talking on a cell phone while driving. The legislature is so concerned about it that some members such as Rep. Irv Slosberg are trying to pass legislation to regulate it. Rep. Irv Slosberg has suggested that minors should not be using a cellphone while they are driving. Senate Bill 416 proposes to impose fines on those who text and drive. Some thirty-five (35) states have passed laws limiting texting in some form or another.

From a practical point it may be difficult to enforce these laws. So it remains to be determined how effective they will be if ever enacted in Florida. Nonetheless, this is more an issue of education than passing a law. This sort of education could be instituted through the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, high schools, and even colleges. It is better to create a culture of safety, rather than pass laws which may be difficult to enforce.

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