The Immigration Debate May Affect Car Accident Victims in South Florida

As South Florida accident attorneys we seldom opine about matters pertaining to national politics and immigration. However, here we make an exception. States like Arizona, Texas, and Nebraska are unwilling to provide driver’s licenses to Dreamers. These are individuals, under the age of thirty, who through no fault of their own, were brought to the United States as children and don’t have legal status. Recently, president Obama instated a policy that would give these young individuals “deferred status.” In other words, they will be able to get a social security number, work permit, and will be exempt from deportation for a period of two years.

The actions by Governors like Brewer of Arizona and Perry of Texas are simply disgusting. These actions are nothing short of tyranny. We can find no other word for it. They can use all the neutral language they want to justify their actions, but their motives are clear. This can only be the result of hate and prejudice. Governor Brewer asked the Federal government to take action on immigration. President Obama did what was in his power to assist with the immigration dilemma. This administration increased the rate of deportation to unparalleled and President Obama also issued guidelines providing “deferred status” to Dreamers.

Dreamers are Americans in every sense, but don’t have legal status. Before this “deferred action” status was provided, they lived in fear. A person who has committed no wrong should not have to fear anything from the state. Indeed, that must be one of the motivations for granting this “deferred status.” Yet, Governors like Brewer want to instill this sense of fear on these young people. Governor Brewer is also well aware that the majority of the individuals affected are Latinos. The Governor may also be aware that her actions in essence nullify the efforts of President Obama. It is very difficult to move around without a car in a state like Arizona. A work permit means little, if a Dreamer can’t drive to his/her job.

It is uncertain, whether Governor Brewer is aware of the harm she is doing to her own constituents. We are referring to insurance coverage. We want all drivers to have a license and insurance. As a Miami car accident attorneys I have seen the effects of not providing licenses to undocumented immigrants. It is our hope that Florida does not enact measures similar to Arizona. This ultimately results in victims not getting compensated for their injuries.

The purpose is to demonstrate that mean spirited measure have both effects on their target, and the constituents. Thus, there is no benefit in not allowing “deferred status” beneficiaries to obtain driver’s licenses. It is much more beneficial to let these individuals pay for their license, cars, gas, and insurance. We could be talking about more than a million new drivers on the roads of America. The economic benefits are tremendous given these great numbers.

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