Property Insurance Claims in South Florida

At The Goldstar Firm we get many calls regarding property insurance claims. Property insurance claims are usually related to damage that occurred at a home, business, or condominium. The types of claims can range from theft to anything like a storm or water loss. As Miami property claims attorneys we understand that every claim is unique and needs a tailored approach. In order to have a successful claim it is important to keep the following things in mind:

1) Any sort of loss should be reported within a reasonable time. This means that a loss should be reported soon after it is discovered. Sometimes a loss is discovered much later than it occurred. Nonetheless, a claim should remain viable if the loss is reported soon after it is reported.

2) It is imperative to have a detailed understanding of your policy. This means you should understand what is covered, any deductions or deductibles, and any post-loss requirements in the policy. If you need assistance in this regard, then call a South Florida insurance claims attorney to assist you. Keep a complete, accurate, and up to date copy of your policy.

3) Any loss should be documented. For example, if a theft occurred at your home or business it is important to report it to the police. This will create a record of the event that can be used to document the loss. On this note, it is also important to keep records of your possessions and what you paid for them. This would facilitate the processing of any theft claim. Also, before making any repairs take detailed pictures of any damage. If any repairs are completed it is important to keep receipts.

4) Contact a Miami-Dade property insurance attorney to evaluate and help you process your claim.

5) Make sure to comply with any post loss requirements in your policy. Post loss requirements may include the submission of a sworn proof of loss, However, make sure to have a Florida claims attorney to assist your through this process.

It may also be wise to consult with an attorney before buying a policy. A Fort Lauderdale insurance claims lawyer will be able to detail the pros and cons of the policy. It is not enough to buy an insurance policy and assume that everything is covered. This is more so when dealing with business and homes. Losses to homes and business can be detrimental if the right coverage is not available. So an attorney can help choose the right coverage and deal with a claim if need be.

Many individuals are concerned with the question of attorney’s fees. Most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis when dealing with this sort of claim. This means that you won’t have to pay any fees until your matter is resolved. Many individuals think that hiring an attorney will reduce the amount of money they will receive. The truth of the matter is that an attorney can help you get maximum compensation. For example, a homeowner makes a claim for a water loss in his home. This homeowner gets some basic estimates and receipts. The insurance company values the loss at $4,000, but there is a $2000 deductible. This homeowner ends up with $2,000 in hand and is happy that he does not have to pay a 20% contingency fee.

Now let’s assume this same homeowner hired an attorney. The attorney sends out a general contractor to make an estimate as to the loss and also an engineer. It is determined that the value of the loss is somewhere around $25,000. The attorney may resolve the matter through negotiation, appraisal, or litigation. In any case, in this hypothetical the attorney resolves the matter for $20,000. After costs and fees the homeowner is left with $13,000 in pocket. Yes, the homeowner had to pay fees and costs, but $13,000 is certainly better than $2,000.

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