Finding an Attorney in Florida to Help You with Your Car Claim and/or an EUO When You are at Fault.

Finding an attorney to help you with your car claim or an EUO (Sworn Statement) can be very difficult when you are at fault. If you are not at fault, then there are bench adds, billboards, internet, and TV commercials which provide a substantial number of attorneys you can choose from. If you are reading this, then most likely it is because you have had difficulty finding an attorney to assist you with your particular problem.

The reason it is difficult to find an attorney to help you with your property damage claim/vehicle claim is that most attorneys in these field work on a contingency fee basis. That means that the attorney would take a percentage of the recovery. As you may know, that is just not viable in most property damage/vehicle claims. Such a fee would leave the client below the mark of what he/she may need to fix his/her vehicle or even get a new one. If the damage is great or the value of the vehicle is adequate, then it may make sense to work such a case on a contingency. However, in most instances this is not the case.

EUO’s can be somewhat intimidating. For that reason it is wise to hire a Miami-Dade at-fault insurance claims attorney to assist you. EUOs Bring recollections of an old Monty Python skit dealing with the Spanish inquisition. Essentially, three men jump out and say, “nobody ever expects the Spanish inquisition.” This relates to EUO’s because at times they may seem like an inquisition. Indeed, most Florida policyholders are not used to being questioned in such a manner.

Most attorneys have no issue attending an EUO or recorded statement when the client is not fault. However, they have very little incentive to attend the EUO or recorded statement of an at- fault individual. No worries, Florida at-fault property/vehicle claim attorneys are here to help you. It is not wise to attend an EUO or allow a recorded statement without an attorney present. An attorney can review you policy and determine what your rights are and help you with an EUO, recorded statement, and property damage claim.

EUO’s may also be requested by your homeowner’s insurance. They are not exclusive to vehicle property damage claims. EUO’s are usually allowed under any policy that covers your interests. This is a post loss mechanism insurance companies use to evaluate the loss. However, on many occasions EUO’s may be used to find ways to deny a claim or deny coverage. For these reasons it is important to hire an attorney to assist your EUO.

Our office charges a flat fee of $500 for a consult and EUO attendance. If the EUO is for two people, then the fee is $600. Our office has a variety of services when it comes to assistance on property/vehicle damage claims against your own insurance company or any other insurance involved in your accident. For $75 we offer forms and instructions to help you through your claims process. We offer a 30 minute consult for $100 to give you guidance as it pertains to your claim. For this service it may be wise to gather all the paperwork you may have and forward it to our office for review. If you want us to handle your vehicle claim, then we provide a service based on a reasonable hourly fee.

Miami property/vehicle insurance claims attorneys are here to assist you 24/7. We can be reached at 1.888.413.8353 or 305.764.9907.