Why Attorneys Recommend that You have a Certified Copy of Your Homeowner’s and Car Insurance Policy in South Florida.

Many of us have heard the saying, “knowledge is power.” Nothing is truer when it comes to issues pertaining to insurance coverage. It is not enough to think or have an idea that you have the right coverage. It is not enough to think or have an idea that you understand the conditions of an insurance policy. It is not enough to think or have an idea that your insurance company is adequate for your needs and that of your family and loved ones.

For example, many people are content to buy the cheapest insurance for their cars. They just want to comply with the minimum Florida law mandates. Insurance agents may be happy to recommend the cheapest insurance and not even explain what that entails. You cannot rely solely on your insurance agent or what a TV advertisements and commercials say. You actually should do your own research or consult an attorney. These are issues that can seriously affect you and your family. Therefore, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of your insurance coverage. Before buying a policy read reviews and rating. Standard & Poor’s rating service may be a good place to start. However, you should a few reviews before deciding what insurance company to go with.

It is also important to determine what kind of coverage you need. As South Florida personal injuries attorneys we understand the consequences of inadequate coverage. Lack of adequate coverage can lead to fiscal disasters. Our Miami homeowner’s and commercial insurance attorneys are here to assist you with any questions you may have. We offer consulting services if you need guidance for yourself or your business.

After a loss it may be necessary to talk to your insurance company. Make sure to get a certified copy of your insurance policy and a copy of your insurance application before you talk to them extensively. You may want to talk to an attorney if you have any concerns. Florida Statutes allow for policyholder to request this information. Our office also provides these request forms as a service. Nonetheless, it is important to have this information to understand your insurance coverage, your duties, and the duties of your insurance carrier. Insurance companies tend to demand a lot when dealing with a new claim. However, on many occasions they forget to mention that they have duties as well.

Miami-Dade insurance claims attorneys are here to assist you 24/7. Our office provides comprehensive services when it comes to insurance claims. Our services range from providing form and consults to litigation. Our services are tailored to your particular needs. For example, if you are an at fault driver seeking collision coverage, then your needs may be different than an individual making a homeowner’s claim. If you’re dealing with issues relation to collision coverage you many need representation at an EUO. In fact, in many circumstance homeowner’s making claims need assistance with EUO’s as well. Call us for details! We can be reached at 1.888.413.8353 or 204.764.9907.