Why You Should Not Wait to Hire a South Florida Life Insurance Attorney

If you are worried about a life insurance issue, then it means you are going through a difficult time. The last thing in a reasonable persons mind would be worrying about life insurance benefits in times of crisis. However, if you are or think you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy in Florida it is important to be on top of such issues. As South Florida life insurance attorneys we have encountered many cases where it is not clear who the beneficiary is. If this is your case, then it is paramount that you contact an attorney as soon as you can. This is the sort of case where it is necessary to move quickly both on your part and that of the attorney.

The insurance company needs to know who is making a claim for the benefits. If the insurance company is unaware that there is a possible claim, then it may inappropriately disburse the funds or benefits. Matters become much more complicated once the funds are disbursed. If there is debate as to who the beneficiary of policy is or who is entitled to the funds, then it is very important to retain or consult with an attorney immediately. It is understandable that individuals in such a situation are concerned with attorney’s fees. However, this is a matter that should not be handled alone. As South Florida life insurance beneficiary lawyers we know how to handle such situations and get the best results for our clients. If an insurance company is stating that it is taking time to review your claim, then it is time to hire an attorney. Here an attorney can curb an insurance company from funds being disbursed in erroneous manner. If an insurance company is not responding to you, then it is time to hire an attorney. An attorney will find a way to make your claim known to the insurance company and will make sure that they respond accordingly.

There are ways to avoid these situations. Primarily, if you are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, then it wise to make sure that it is clear who the primary beneficiary of a policy is. If the beneficiary of an insurance policy is changed, it is wise to make sure that the change of beneficiary form is prepared with care and submitted per the terms of the policy. Thus, before submitting a change of beneficiary form it is wise to read the policy carefully. It is probably best to do this with an attorney’s assistance to avoid any unnecessary errors or mistakes. Many times change of beneficiary forms are submitted during times of despair and lapse of judgment, and thus are not submitted in an appropriate manner.

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