There are plethora of types of insurance coverage. For example, car insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, life insurance, homeowner’ s insurance, business interruption insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, among many other types of coverage. Occasionally, disputes arise as to coverage of a loss. This dispute can take various forms. A common dispute is whether a certain loss is covered under the policy. Insurance policies tend to have a number of exclusions. South Florida Insurance attorneys can help review you policy and determine your rights.

It is important to study and understand what a certain policy entails. You may want to ask your insurance agent and also hire an attorney to make sure your interests are covered as per your requirements. It is also paramount to understand what your duties are under a certain policy. Disputes often arise as to whether a policy holder complied with post loss requirements. This means that an insurance company may be arguing that a policy holder did not cooperate with an investigation or provided all the information required.

An insurance company may stipulate that a loss is covered, but that certain elements of the loss are not covered. Further, an insurance company may argue that a loss is covered, but that their evaluation of the loss is different. This is not to say that insurance companies always act unfairly. However, presenting a claim to an insurance company may not be easy for someone with little experience. Many claims need experts to be able to evaluate and present a loss to an insurance company. As Miami insurance dispute attorney’s we can help present these claims.

A Florida Insurance dispute lawyer can assist you make a compelling claim to your insurance company. We can make sure that your loss is properly evaluated, documented, and that you comply with all requirements under the policy. This process does not have to be adversarial in nature. Often both parties can come to agreement without the need of Court intervention. However, if not agreement can be reached, then Court intervention is always an option.

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