The effects of hiring a Florida attorney on your property loss claim

Having to suffer property damage can be very stressful no matter how big or small the damage may be. Many are unaware that even those small damages may be the result of something bigger or that with time that damage could possibly lead to further damage if not treated at the source. Most homeowners feel hesitant and intimidated by the thought of hiring an attorney. The fact of the matter is that attorneys dedicating themselves to handling property loss claims should be your next call after reporting the loss to your insurance company. Insurance policies and language can be very complex and if not familiar with these terms and conditions can possibly lead to a costly mistake, and this is where a South Florida property loss attorney comes in.

Dealing with the overwhelming requirements of filing a residential or commercial property loss claim only adds more stress and uncertainty to the situation. More than likely your insurance provider will request what may seem as overbearing and detailed documents that may seem unnecessary but in fact may be crucial to the proper evaluation of your claim. Detailed research and documentation of the loss are required from the commencement of the claim which may include the bringing into action of all the various investigative and valuation expertise to develop the pre-loss condition of the property. This process has and continues to become increasingly complex. More than likely an insured will begin the processing of his or her insurance claim and only call upon legal representation once they are denied or “short paid” by their insurance provider. What the insured does not realize is that the aforementioned could have been most likely avoided should they have obtained legal representation from the commencement of their claim.

By seeking out and retaining a dedicated South Florida property insurance attorney, you are gaining assistance for your insurance claim. Many insurance carriers and their handling adjusters are used to dealing with law firms that are representing their insured’s and are not in any way unfamiliar with the terms and conditions that they must abide by. By hiring an attorney from the get go, it allows a certain pressure to be placed upon your insurance carrier and assures that your claim will be processed as quickly as possible, and assures your claim is given the most accurate value. What this type of legal representation offers insured’s is claims expertise, a faster resolution of your claim, ensure that your claim is given a fair value, protect and oversee your rights as a policy holder, and most importantly give you piece of mind.
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