Knowing your rights as a victim of negligence in Florida

As Florida premise liability lawyers we understand the pain, inconvenience and expense that can come as a result of suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence. These types of claims can be complex and can be at times difficult to litigate as a result of the possibility that business and land owners may repair the defective condition or clean up the foreign substance that caused the fall, placing the blame on the victim. Slip and fall cases commonly involve complex liability issues including constructive notice and compliance with the local building codes as well as questions about insurance coverage. Many victims may feel overwhelmed with the process of filing a claim, more so if it happens on the premise of a large commercial property. It is for this reason that a victim should consult with a South Florida slip and fall attorney who can assess the claim from the beginning and can properly attain any and all evidence that can be used to prove negligence on behalf of the business and or property owner.

Business and property owners in Florida have a duty to maintain their premises in a safe condition for any and all guests who may frequent the property. This duty includes the responsibility to clean up spills, remove tripping hazards, inspect for dangerous conditions and warn of any danger that cannot be immediately eliminated. In order to claim liability for a premise slip and fall incident the victim must first prove that the dangerous condition was either created by the land or business owner or that they were aware of it before the fall occurred and negligently failed to make it safe and that the dangerous condition caused the fall and resulting injuries. Once liability has been established then at that point the registered agent of said business and or property would be notified of a claim regarding premise liability being brought against them. Should the premise owner have insurance coverage for liability, then the insurance provider would step in and proceed with the handling of the victims claim with the victim’s Florida Premise liability attorney.

Premise liability is not just limited to slip and falls. Should someone become a victim of a burglary at a premise that could have been rightfully deterred but wasn’t due to inadequate Security, then the victim may have a claim that can be brought against the owner of the premise. For example if a shopping center has suffered a recent rash of similar robberies, but the center owner fails to increase security to address the risk, then he or she is liable for any damages sustained by the victim as a result of said robbery. A lack of security may also lead to assaults and or other harmful actions to victims who are frequenting night clubs or bars. A nightclub or bar putting profit over safety, allows overcrowding and underage drinking. Added to this dangerous stew are a lack of security and drinks sold in bottles and glass cups. Should someone become the victim of an attack or assault due to the previously mentioned hazardous conditions then said victim may rightfully pursue a claim against the owner of the business.

Should you or any one you know have been injured on a premise and or business due to due someone else’s negligence feel free to call our law firm which is dedicated to fighting these claims at the number listed below. Miami-Dade premise liability lawyers are here to assist you 24/7. We can be reached at 305-764-9907or 1888-413-8353