South Florida Gap insurance claims

Many Floridians purchasing a new car seek out Gap insurance when trying to acquire additional ways to protect their purchase. In an attempt to protect themselves against theft and damage Gap insurance can be a life saver if you owe more than what your automobile is currently worth. Gap insurance is intended to pay the vehicle owner for the “gap” between what is owed on a vehicle and the current market value of the vehicle, in the event the vehicle is declared a totaled loss. But what happens when you have acquired Gap insurance, report a claim and are denied coverage?

Unfortunately many automobile owners who are insured and have Gap coverage find themselves in this very predicament. Fortunately for those who are facing those circumstances, they have the option to consult with a dedicated Gap insurance claims attorney. The fact of the matter is that the dealership who initially sold the policy to the purchaser at the time when they were purchasing the automobile most probably did not take the time to thoroughly explain how the insurance worked. Further the dealer more than likely did not advise how to properly report and process a claim should you be put in a situation where you would need to utilize this type of coverage. Many of those who have purchased this type of coverage do not have the slightest clue on how or where to begin when it comes to filing a claim. Acquiring the Gap insurance only requires the buyer to fill out paperwork one time, at the time of purchase of the automobile with no renewal documents or agents to contact. The fact is that dealerships are not licensed to sell insurance but are allowed to sell Gap insurance. It is no wonder that many insured’s are left frustrated and confused when filing a claim as a result of lack of knowledge.

Like any other type of insurance coverage, when filing a claim there may be policy language that can be difficult to understand leaving the insured even more confused on how to properly process his or her claim. Yet no matter how educated an insured may be on the subject matter, Gap insurance providers still reserve the right to deny coverage should they feel that there are exclusions in your policy for such damage or how the damage or theft occurred. At this point and time it is imperative to acquire the proper representation and retain a South Florida Gap insurance attorney to fight for your rights. An attorney dedicated to these types of claims has usually gone through many clients who have suffered the unfortunate event of being denied coverage. These types of insurance attorneys have the power to fight the insurance company’s decision and bring forth a claim for bad faith or breach of contract. Just as you would acquire an attorney for protecting your rights in any other matter, so should you, should you be put in a situation where you are unfairly denied coverage by your Gap insurance provider.

Should you or any one you know been unfairly denied coverage to a Gap insurance claim please feel free to call our law firm dedicated to fighting these property damage claims at the number listed below. Miami-Dade Gap insurance attorneys are here to assist you 24/7. We can be reached at 305-764-9907 or 1888-413-8353