Florida Boat Theft Claims

As South Florida insurance lawyers we understand that living in South Florida offers year round perfect weather for boaters and the avid fisherman. Many South Floridians hold back no expense when it comes to their vessels and insuring them in an area with one of the highest boat theft claims comes hand in hand with owning a boat. Many boaters are prepared for the common engine malfunction or repair that plagues boat owners more commonly than they would like. What many boaters are not prepared for is having their claim denied after being a victim of theft. It is all too common here in South Florida to have your boat go missing and for insurance companies to use the common defense of material misrepresentation or fraud, leaving the insured out to dry. The fact of the matter is that even if the vessel is recovered by authorities the extent of damages sustained to the haul after the criminals have completed stripping the vessel of its pricey equipment will usually leave the owner unable to pay for the hefty bill to make it seaworthy again.

As previously mentioned boat theft is a huge business in South Florida as stated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. This makes insurance coverage even more of a necessity should you own a personal-recreation vehicle such as a boat. Boats are usually costly investments and can at many times cost as much as the average South Florida home, even more so should the owner add accessories, equipment, and a trailer. It is therefore critical to the owner that he or she has properly insured their vessel. If you have been denied or delayed payment on a boat theft claim, the first step is to review the initial application and remove any possible defense for misrepresentation, if it was in fact that the application was completed without error and or concealment. A Florida insurance claims attorney can at this time properly asses, review and determine the rights that you are entitled to under your insurance policy. Acquiring this representation is beneficial and at time crucial if the insurance company is wrongfully denying the claim due to fraud.

Even when a boat owner takes all of the necessary precautions in storing and securing his or her boat against theft, there is also the apparent risk of accidental damage while operating the vessel. Hitting a submerged object while cruising, theft while anchored and collisions with other boats are a common occurrence here in South Florida and should you be faced with those circumstances it is imperative to contact a dedicated South Florida boat claims attorney. A thorough investigation is usually undergone by the insurance carrier to rule out fraud, but many boat owners find themselves still being denied even after a thorough investigation has been completed. It is important to remember that when a boat owner bought his or her insurance policy, their insurance company entered into a contract in which they promised to pay out the insurance benefits in the event that they suffered a valid claim, in consideration for payment of certain premiums. Most boat owners are responsible and often make sacrifices to make those timely insurance premiums. A dedicated South Florida boat claims attorney will properly assess your claim to make sure that the insurance provider holds true to their end of the deal.

Should you or any one you know have been wrongfully denied or delayed payment on a boat theft insurance claim feel free to call our law firm which is dedicated to fighting these claims at the number listed below. Miami-Dade boat insurance lawyers are here to assist you 24/7. We can be reached at 305-764-9907or 1888-413-8353