Pokemon, Tesla, Texting, and South Florida Car Accidents

As a young child in 80’s I grew up with Nintendo, but it was much different than the experience of Pokemon today. In those days technology was static and usually required interaction with a monitor or TV. As a south Florida accident attorney the dangers of augmented reality are very apparent. Just this week a man crashed into a tree and young girl got run over by a car while trying to catch a Pokemon.

Augmented reality is when an electronic device superimposes images or data onto a real space. The irony is that in many circumstance, instead of “augmenting” our perception of the real space it causes distraction. Our senses are debilitated by the use of handheld devices when navigating real environments. The tendency toward distraction is worrisome taking into account emerging augmented reality technologies. These future technologies may become ever more engrossing and distracting.

An ever increasing threat on our connection to the subtleties of the universe around us. This threat goes beyond the driving of vehicles. It goes to very basic activities like walking or sitting down. There are other social and psychological dangers, but those are not the topic here. Here we address just the navigation of the world around us.

Distraction by handheld devices is nothing new. Texting and driving has been a problems for quite a while. Some stats attribute 23% percent of all accidents to texting and driving. Some have equated texting and driving to the like of being inebriated. Regardless of how it is equated, it goes without saying that composing texts while driving certainly distracts an individual from the attention needed to drive a vehicle. Certainly, texting while driving is a breach of the duty of care to other individuals on the road.

Indeed, driving is second nature to most of us. It becomes an activity that we take for granted. It is this sentiment that leads to a great number of the accident of the accidents on the road. As a Miami injury attorney I have seen what this complacency can do. It is this complacency which leads many of us to disregard our duty of care and play Pokemon and text while driving.

I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing technology. Technology has provided safety mechanism, as well. The last few weeks we have heard of the issues pertaining to Tesla’s autopilot system. Although flaws may exist in the algorithms that are used in its autopilot mechanism, it would seem that these systems have worked for millions of miles without flaw. One could argue that human driving algorithms are much less effective, than those used by Tesla and other car makers.

Also, automatic braking systems should be mentioned. These systems are to become standard on most U.S. vehicles. It goes without saying, that these emergency brake systems may totally terminate rear-ender accidents, among other types of common accidents. Perhaps, in the near future, technology will nullify the effects of distracting technologies like texting and Pokemon Go. Meanwhile, please act with care on the road.

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