The Problem of Undocumented Immigrants and Accidents in the Miami Area and Throughout Florida: A Pragmatic Analysis.

It is not our nature to comment on political matters in out notes. We would like to focus this analysis from a purely pragmatic stance. The word pragmatism is thrown around constantly of late by many politicians and commentators. However, the use of the pragmatism as a form of analysis is perverted in the mainstream.

Pragmatism, is an essential American philosophy. The idea behind pragmatism is to analyze things from a data driven or scientific point of view. In other words, to analyze circumstances based on factual analysis, rather than focus on ideological or partisan points of view. This ideology has percolated below the surface and influenced American endeavors since the 1870’s. Indeed, it has been a blessing to this great nation due to its nature in finding solutions without being hinged to ideals, and ultimately infused with a forward looking stance.

We would like to remain pragmatic when it pertains to the issue of undocumented drivers in the state of Florida and in the Miami area in particular. As Miami Car accident attorneys we understand profoundly issues pertaining to undocumented drivers. It would appear that about 23% of drivers in Florida are  uninsured or underinsured. This would mean that if you are injured in an accident in Florida, then there is a 1 in 4 probability that the person who caused the injury has no coverage. This statistic may be higher as Florida law does not require bodily injury coverage, which covers injuries caused by a driver to other parties. In other words, even if a driver has insurance, it may be possible that the coverage they acquired was inadequate to cover bodily injury damages.

It is estimated that there are about 1 million undocumented immigrants in Florida. It would be safe to assume that many of these immigrants are drivers. The issue then becomes, whether granting undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses is beneficial to residents of the great State of Florida?  Pragmatism requires a result oriented focus. To reach a conclusion we must look at the factors surrounding the pertinent issue.

The problem with this issue is that there are many factors surrounding it. There is the argument that if licenses are granted to undocumented immigrants, then it would result in more immigrants coming into Florida. This may be case, although there is no proof that there is any certainty in the argument. Many argue, that issuing license would result in more revenue to State. This may be true, as it would create an influx license fees paid to the State. However, the impact of the purchasing of insurance policies would tremendously beneficial to insurance companies, their stock holders, and their workers. In fact, it is very likely that would produce a tremendous influx of jobs and growth within the insurance industry in Florida. Imagine the effect of just 200,000 new policies written in Florida producing monthly premiums. This would produce more jobs for insurance agents, adjusters, investigators, body shops, just to name a few.

Of course, there is the issue of the danger to the community resulting from undocumented immigrants. It may be the case that undocumented immigrants pose a threat to the community. Nonetheless, it would be seem that the vast majority of immigrants do not pose any sort of threat. It would seem that many immigrants today are similar to the waves of immigrants that came generations before. Indeed, these immigrants weren’t well liked back then either. There has been a resistance to immigration in America, in one form or another, for many generations now. Anti-immigration sentiment in the U.S.  goes back to about 1790 which was a reaction to an influx of French and Irish immigrants. In the 1920’s immigrants from Southern Europe were singled out due to claims of violent crimes. The data used to formulate these claims was rather erroneous in nature. This is to say, that perhaps many of the arguments surrounding a resistance to granting licenses to undocumented immigrants are emotionally biased and not based on data.

One does not seek to diminish the value of nativist emotions. An emotion is not right or wrong, it just exists as a reaction to certain circumstances. Of course, one has to be wary if these attitudes have the ability to produce negative results. Ultimately it is derived from a collective emotional perspective that immigration is negative and produces harm. Of course, there is a collective perspective to the contrary. Indeed, there is a tremendous list of immigrants who have produced tremendous benefits for this nation. Suffice it to say, that there might be right and wrong in both of these perspective. Perhaps, it would be wise for both factions to produce and analyze data that is pertinent to the issue.  Also to ask, what is the result of an undocumented driver not having insurance and causing an injury? What is the benefit of undocumented drivers having a license? What are the drawbacks? How could this affect me or my family? What are the benefits to the State of Florida? What are the drawbacks to the state of Florida?

To conclude, we will not make a certain conclusion. We would ask the reader to look at the issue pragmatically and reach their own conclusion as to whether Florida should grant undocumented immigrants licenses. We will however leave the reader with an anecdote. One of the founders of pragmatism, William James, came upon an expansive patch of forest which was mowed down by a logger. William James walked up to the logger and asked how he could have done such a horrendous act against nature. The logger looked at William James in the eye and pointed out that he did not see destruction, rather that he saw a full day of work and the prosperity that would ensue. William James stood there and realized that he could understand the stance of the logger, and that perhaps he was wrong in his initial assessment.

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