Homeowner’s Claims – How do they work?

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Homeowner’s Claims – How to Minimize the Minefield and Maximize Recovery

A/K/A “The Homeowner’s Claims Process”

Summertime in Florida is a mixture of mother nature’s gifts and dangers.  Anyone living in South Florida for more than ten minutes during hurricane season are all too familiar with the almost daily afternoon thunderstorms.  These will often lead to water intrusion or wind damage claims.  More dangerous to property and person is the touching down of a tornado, although not as large as a hurricane, they are often just as devastating if not more so, but more often on a smaller scale than a hurricane.  Another inherent danger is the lack of the tracking capabilities that allow South Floridians, indeed all those in the path of a tornado with the amount of warning we have come to expect when tracking the path of a hurricane.

What follows below are general instructions that will help you navigate the homeowner’s claims process, to make the most expeditious and fair recovery for your covered loss.  The DRG Law Firm with its main office in Miami, Florida is here to help level the field in order to maximize your covered loss.

Your home is part of your family—it’s filled with memories and treasured keepsakes. We know how important it is to get it back to normal so you can get on with your life. Here are a few simple things you can do to help speed up that process.

  1. First– Contact a reputable law firm experienced in Homeowner’s Claims (The DRG Law Firm attorneys have handled hundreds of Homeowner’s Claims)


  1. Quickly report the claim to your insurer We will help report the claim but it is imperative to notify your carrier as soon as possible. (Many carriers will seize upon any delay to try and avoid coverage). The sooner you report the loss, the faster we can get moving on your claim.


  1. Protect your home from further damage.Stop water from leaking by shutting off the valve, place buckets in rooms with water leaks, hang plastic over damaged areas to prevent water from leaking into your home or board up broken windows, for example.


  1. Record the damage done to your home.Take pictures or video of any damage to your house and its contents. Make a list of what is damaged in your home. Include details when possible—such as the brand name, manufacturer, serial number and approximate price you paid. Organize your list by room (many carriers have inventory lists online and are quite helpful).


  1. Maintain a list of repair expenses.Keep track of the time you spend cleaning up or repairing your home after the claim. Also, record any money you’ve spent on materials to temporarily fix the damage. It’s important that you don’t make any permanent repairs until your adjuster has seen the damage.


After you’ve reported the homeowner’s claim, the following steps will take place:

  • The loss report is assigned a claim number and assigned to a claims handler.
  • A property adjuster will contact you to confirm the facts of the loss. This may include an inspection of the damaged property. The adjuster will then determine if coverage applies, and, if so, evaluate the damages.
  • After the claim is initiated, the adjuster or claims handler will check on the progress of the claim and make every effort to efficiently complete the process. Some claims can be settled quickly. Others—especially those involving severe damages—may take longer.


Keeping Track of the Details

To help stay organized and involved, you may want to maintain a file regarding your homeowner’s insurance claim/loss that includes the following:

  • Customer’s name as it appears on the policy
  • Policy number
  • Claim number
  • Claim handler or adjuster’s name, mailing address, phone number and title

Estimates, correspondence and notes of phone conversations regarding the claims settlement.


The best advice we can offer is to contact an experienced homeowners insurance claims law firm.  The DRG Law Firm has 40 years of experience and has millions for our clients. We are standing by 24/7 and 365 days a year ready to fight for your rights.  Call us about your homeowners claim problem or any other insurance claim related questions you may have.  Call us – “We are the Problem Solvers” Call us at (888) 413-8353.