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Homeowner’s Claims – How to Minimize the Minefield and Maximize Recovery

A/K/A “The Homeowner’s Claims Process”

Most of our notes have been on car accidents in the Miami-Dade area and the ramifications involved in these matters. As Miami auto accident lawyers we enjoy providing useful information related to these matters that could help individuals deal with these difficult matters. It has been a while though, since we touched on Homeowner’s Insurance Claims.

Some of the most common causes of homeowner’s insurance claims are related to storms, plumbing and appliances, rain, and theft. One of the most common concerns after a loss occurs at a dwelling, is what to do next. Well, most policies have what are called post loss requirements or duties after loss. To put it simply, these are conditions that must be adhered to, in order for a contract to be applied or enforced. In other words, these are things you should do in order to comply with your homeowner’s insurance agreement. Once these conditions are met, then the insurer may pay the covered loss. For the most part, these post lost requirements are tools the insurance companies use to investigate a claim.

Insurers may require that: