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The Florida Keys suffered tremendous damage, resulting from the force Irma exerted. This was a very strong hurricane. Now as Floridians we have to deal with the aftermath.

This of course entails dealing with insurers in order to procure funds to perform repairs or replace damaged property. Homeowner’s claims can be tedious and complicated. Our office has handled many homeowner’s claims over the years. We understand that homeowner’s policies are confusing and complicated. To simplify, a homeowner’s policy is a contract to cover certain losses, should they occur, so long as certain conditions are met.

As a Miami Homeowner’s insurance attorneys, we understand the complexities of the claims process. Homeowner’s insurance companies are business. Like any for profit entity their goal is to maximize revenue and reduce losses. Therefore, insurance companies will analyze your claim with a fine tooth comb. Insurance companies will look at your policy and application with tremendous detail.